Suprfrog's Pocket Schedules

Updated: March 29th, 2014

"...donít blame me if you end up spending a few hours (here) - itís pretty addictive."
                                                                - Paul Lukas,

Unofficial sked count: 18,791 (#18,000: 2013 Akron Aeros)

Yeah, it *has* been a while, hasn't it?  All apologies as other projects have kept me busy.

I've started to get responses from the annual mass mailing to soccer, AAA baseball, Eastern and Atlantic Leagues as well as Arena Football. Not only that, but the annual Harrisburg show is less than 2 weeks away...woo-hoo!! :-)

"As most of you know, I love niche collections, and Claudeís site is one of the best examples Iíve ever seen." - Paul Lukas

"The lovely image of just a logo on a small piece of paper with a few words of text. So simple, yet so powerful." - interlockingtc

"As the last living collector of XFL merchandise, I salute the efforts of esoteric collectors such as Mr. Jacques." - JM Rempt

"I think I found a new hobby! Love the artwork on the schedules. It is really such a pure way to look into the past. Palpable nostalgia. Love it." - muskiejim

" awesome website...I learned a ton from it." - njgerryg

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