MLB Wantlist
(prefer a cover featuring a team logo and/or Spring Training)

1968: Boston, California, Cleveland (logo), Minnesota, Philly and Pittsburgh
1969: Baltimore, Boston, California, Cubs, White Sox, Cincinnati, KC, LA, Minnesota, Mets, Oakland, Philly, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Seattle and Washington
1970: Baltimore, Boston, California, Cubs, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, KC, LA, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Oakland, Philly, Pittsburgh, SD, SF, Seattle(?), St. Louis and Washington
1971: California, White Sox, Cleveland, KC, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Oakland, SD, San Francisco and St. Louis
1972: California, KC, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Mets, Oakland, Pittsburgh, SD, SF (ex. B of A), St. Louis
1973: California, Cincinnati, KC, Milwaukee (not Schlitz), Minnesota, NY Mets, Oakland, Pittsburgh and St. Louis
1974: Milwaukee (not Schlitz), Oakland, Pittsburgh (w/logo) and Texas
1975: California (not Chevron) and St. Louis