1990's Montreal Alouettes

Added: June 29th, 2006

For years, CFL commissioner Larry Smith (a former Alouette himself) had wanted to bring the league back to the city.  With the end of the "CFL-USA" experiment, the only team remaining were the Baltimore Stallions.  However, with the Ravens moving in from Cleveland, there was no way the team would survive there.  Thus, the Stallions were transferred to Montreal and the CFL became an all-Canadian league again.

Things weren't always easy, though, as the Als continued to have dreadful attendance at the equally dreadful Olympic Stadium.  Fate intervened in 1997, however, as the team's play-off game had to be moved to McGill Stadium because of a previous concert booking.  Fans loved the atmosphere and being closer to the field, so it didn't take long for the team to make Percival Molson Stadium their permanent home.  The rest is, as they say, history.